Friday, November 27, 2009

The Singles Anthem!

What I am listening to :))

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Best meals over the last month...
Luchi, alu dom, chingri malai curry and garam jalebis at the Bengali Association, Navami night. Stands out for the cheerful abandon with which C and me took to the crowded stalls, threw hygiene(!) to the winds :) And also the size of the prawns....Jai Durga! Much regret that we ran out of money (and patience to queue up at the stalls) ..the rasgullas were a miss :(
Final darshan at the Koramangala pandal followed by lunch at The Esplanade. Luchi(again) cholar dal, bhetki fry, mishti doi and a few predictable varieties of prawn and meat. (food quite over-hyped, could have been better) Stands out simply for the company. An awesome drive in cool drizzling weather and a halt for cold coffee on the way back. And lots of goofy humour :)
More Bong food at Oh! Calcutta the following weekend..this one thankfully was all that a Bengali meal should be. Rice with masoor dal, papad and sweet chutney, fried rice, chicken/fish salad, lau chingri and a bowl of nolen goorer payesh(kheer with a special kind of jaggery) I shall not omit to mention the humble sheem chochori, which managed to hold its own against the more popular meat/fish preparations. (I should probably add explanatory notes for the non-bengalis..will definitely post one in the comments)
Random helpings of dahi wada and malpua at home over Diwali, whatever the meal. Stands out for Mamma's magic touch..
Luchi(again!) and korma( made by yours truly) and kheer (canyoubelieveit, me again!) amongst other things for the traditional Diwali dinner..a quiet family time.
A spicy Maharashtrian brinjal preparation with chapati, grated salad, spicy pulav and gulab jamuns for Sunday lunch at home..made memorable by Dev Anand's songs and Papa's reminisces :)
Chanda's farewell dinner...I do not remember what we ate but vodka was on the menu. And a happy time was had by all :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


Disclaimer: The following post is based on astute observations on numerous groom profiles which I have had the (mis)fortune to read. A sense of humour is advised :)

In the profile: I believe in simple living, high thinking....
In his mind: I have no clue what to say for myself and this sounds cool. Plus, that other guy had it on his profile..

ITP: I am looking for someone who can achieve a perfect balance between home and work...
IHM: I am looking for superwoman! (only , i dont know it yet :p)

ITP: I would like my wife to devote time to her children after marriage...A mother has an important role in developing a child's personality...blah blah..
IHM: I, of course, have no role in this whole process.Yay!

ITP: I am modern and liberal but believe in traditional customs and values.
IHM: I'd rather play it safe..don't wanna upset anyone here..hehe

ITP: I am perfect!- (Yeah..the very same words, I kid you not!)
IHM: I am! Really! no..?

ITP: The girl should be goodlooking, tall, slim and fair.
IHM: I'm anyway Tom Cruise incarnate..

ITP:Looks aren't important.
IHM: As long as I haven't seen your picture..

(courtsey: guys on matrimonials..thanks fellas :) )

Saturday, June 27, 2009


There are celebrities and there are celebrities..Few command the following he did and few deserve it too.A life of extreme brilliance, sadly on slow decline..Overshadowed by his erratic behavior and maligning tabloids. It had gotten to a stage where it was unfashionable to admit to being a fan..It had been long since I watched his videos and tried imitating his 'twirl and balance' routine. I had started to believe that our own Hritick and Prabhudeva were as good a match, if not better. But the slew of videos these last two days have shown me how wrong I was. There is really no follow-up to that..

True, the man and his legend will live will ridicule about his appearance and jokes on paedophilia..And that is the unkindest cut.

Most of us have thought it hypocritical that he bleached his skin to turn white. Till it was revealed that he was suffering from vitiligo, a skin condition which made skin patchy and light over time, aggravated by sun exposure.That explained the hat and the reclusivity. The constant pancake layer he wore..Beautiful people the world over are obsessed with the way they look. So why single out his obvious complex over his looks for ridicule..I know I'd be doing everything I could to look good if I were as photographed as he was.. Suddenly, jokes about his appearance don't seem funny anymore..
I, for one, have never believed the child molestation allegations against him. The media being what it is, you'd get labelled a paedophile even if you were to hug another's child! And that fame and wealth tend to attract trouble is undeniable.
True, he was eccentric in his ways. (Most gifted people are!) Maybe, more so that he could remain in news.. but there was an underlying sweetness about him which endeared him more to his fans than the bizarre tales. Inspite of the mask that his face had become in the last few years, his shy half smile thing which the failed surgeries didn't corrode.

So here we had a man who was eccentric when he wasn't performing.. who, at 50, believed in magic and thought that if he concentrated hard enough, he'd fly..someone naive to the point of stupidity when it came to finances..H e was also a hypochondriac who struggled with serious health complications and complexes for most of his adult life, an extremely talented artiste, working hard on a comeback plan inspite of ailing health, a man definitely not wanting to go down without a fight...An 'invincible' but with human frailties..someone as deserving of our understanding as he was of our awe......

And whenever a moonwalk is attempted , we'll think of no other. Now that's some copyright..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Showers

Sometimes I think of inconsequential stuff
Of walks through rain-laced streets
Of shared umbrellas, a plate of puchkas
Afternoon solaces anew.
Sometimes I think of you.

I play a bubble game of 'what-if'
With cloaks on glaring parts
And weave my way to a favourite end
Regret threatens to spill.
Then I let it drift apart.

Life goes on in many measures
And while rainy evenings turn to night,
This game I find hard to outgrow.
Wishing that it was meant to be
To know that it is so.


Cat! Furry, fluffy and white.
Not more than 9" x 4".
Clean and responsible (for its own poop, I mean)
Self reliant (can get its own food if need be!)
Punctual and welcoming (should be back home by the time I am)

Will get
-an absent -minded but nevertheless loving owner
-a willing partner in playing "catch"
-lots of personal space (and someone who understands moodswings)
-a comfy cushion
-a cuddle and hug before bed

PS: Dog lovers, I have nothing against dogs, just that they are more dependent,more giving..more affectionate.They'd get lonely (and I'd get guilty) if I couldn't give them enough time. I probably need something more like me..And there is that small matter of their teeth :D

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally some break from routine..
Some time to do my own thing and finally some time to write a post.
Some afternoon naps, some macher jhol-bhaath, some rains, some solace..
Also, some shopping...:)
A cool white tee with graphics- needed a few of those..the kind you reach for on rushed mornings. With the summer in Bangalore touching new highs, even colour makes you feel hot! A pair of black cropped trousers in soft cotton silk,well fit and simple. And cheap. Plus a strappy number in pink and brown which I cant wait to try out. Very summery and fresh. Watch this space for more!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me- A super hero!

In a good mood! Probably so because of great sales offers! Ability to zip through numerous malls at the speed of light thanks to my supercool faux leather cloak!

And this is how I'd get when mean..Beware of that lasso!

And this is what you can be!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saying goodbye

Life had lost its charm for her ever since he left.
A caring family couldnt compensate for what had once been the vortex of her life.
A caring family, no doubt..but with families of their own to run and look after.
And she became a jigsaw piece-that couldnt go missing but wouldnt fit in either.
Yesterday, she exchanged her flailing strength for a new burst of life,
her confusion for peace.. her confinement for wings...
I like to think she is happy someplace, enjoying the sunshine..
Dimma, Dada and me in happier times.

Friday, January 9, 2009

All of ten!

Thats how old my resolutions are..and I am still sticking to it :) No mean feat considering I live them for a couple of days usually. Well, I did start a week earlier this time so that I was into the habit by 1st. so that makes 17 days! (yeah..i get bitten by the perfectionist bug at times)
Time for some pats on the back too. 2008 hasnt been a fantastic year but its been good. I have gotten a lil more ambitious , made a little more money, stuck to an excercise regime, had lots of genuinely good times with friends, moved into a new place, read many books on my list, caught up with great movies that I had always wanted to watch..a lot of nice memories, small and big.
I am content. For now. Its a nice change to write a happy post at the end of year :)
So though the hangovers are long cured and the happy flush of the holiday season wanes, though my hair is out of its straightened fix and running wild again, though January promises long work hours and longer schedules... the going is good! On that enthusiastic note, Happy new year!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The only thing better....

Than John Abraham on a bike.....
Is Tom Cruise in a plane :))

P.S: After-effects of TopGun one late night..