Saturday, September 20, 2014

Guilty of neglect

I realize the primary reason of starting this blog was to have a record of what was going on with me. In that respect, I have had a major failure. My time in the US and specially New York is glaring in its absence. A look at past posts reveals they were written while on a 'break' in India. Mostly I have been too tired to summon up coherent thoughts. Many times I have been lazy. A couple of times I even managed to log in and get started before I was distracted by random browsing (I started on some blogs I follow, fully intending to do serious reading to get into the writing mode but somehow found myself on a page with cool accessories, checking for shipping to the US!) I guilt-ed myself enough to attempt writing during subway trips. It was a really desperate attempt, I admit. Thinking about a post while jostling and vying for seats and constantly cursing the G, is almost impossible. On a particularly long trip, I emerged after two shining sentences to find I had missed my stop. So totally not worth it.

Fixing on what I want to write about is also a hindrance. Mostly, the urge to write seizes me when I am mad about something. Anger is the most effective trigger. But prudence makes me hold off till I am calmer and more balanced. Happier occasions have me channeling my inner  Sri Sri (Ravi Shanker!) and trying to live in the moment. It is easier to post an update on FaceBook than to write a blog post! And so it happens that the 'drafts' in my folder are fast approaching the number of posts so far...

I admire the other bloggers I read, most of them mothers and/or career woman. It must require supreme effort/time management on their part to get in a monthly post. More shame on me...So, on this sunny almost-Fall Saturday, when I could have been snoozing in the sunny patch on my bed, I am instead, typing away on the laptop. And I am not pausing to look for a subject nor lethargy to creep up on me. Here I come!