Monday, February 18, 2008

I am a foodie!

Although I dont look like one..And am said to have a bird-like appetite..but I do rise to the occasion at times.
I was woken up early on the 14th by one of those blasted valentine messages and thoroughly cursed the whole damn tradition for a while before I managed to crawl out of bed...but the day ended up being quite fun. Re and I treated ourselves to a fancy lunch at this great Chinese place on Infantry Road. I have never eaten Chinese food this good! It was a buffet spread and unlike Re, who was limited by her veggie vow, I probably sampled all 30 or so items on the menu. Notable mention must be made of the prawn Tom Yum soup. It was pure heaven! The "make ur-own-stir-fry" counter was causing a lot of enthusiasm among diners. Tip: In-case you go there while this stir-fry thing is still on, don't be a glutton and choose every ingredient you see...which is what Re did, and regretted. I would suggest tofu, spring onions, sweet corn and some pak choi...throw in some shredded chicken and leave the chef to work his magic..The Valentine cake was as perfect as could be. But the honey sesame noodles they served on a previous occasion was much missed.
Ok, so I ate too much and was feeling quite a cow by the end of it, with all that chomping on the greens. But nobody has regretted feeling a little too healthy aye? :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mamma's girl

I dont think I am being a very good daughter..
I am often impatient and irritable, sometimes rude..I dont talk to my mom as much as I would earlier..I am curt when she brings up certain topics and hang up when I dont feel like talking. There are days when I am very communicative, jabbering away nineteen to dozen, but mostly I reply in monosyllables..
It isnt like I dont value her or need her anymore..I havent gotten to be that self sufficient..
Just that certain things are meant to be dealt with alone. So no matter how much I may want to run to her for some succour and hugs, I cant.
I dont think she reads my blog. This is just in case..