Monday, October 5, 2009


Disclaimer: The following post is based on astute observations on numerous groom profiles which I have had the (mis)fortune to read. A sense of humour is advised :)

In the profile: I believe in simple living, high thinking....
In his mind: I have no clue what to say for myself and this sounds cool. Plus, that other guy had it on his profile..

ITP: I am looking for someone who can achieve a perfect balance between home and work...
IHM: I am looking for superwoman! (only , i dont know it yet :p)

ITP: I would like my wife to devote time to her children after marriage...A mother has an important role in developing a child's personality...blah blah..
IHM: I, of course, have no role in this whole process.Yay!

ITP: I am modern and liberal but believe in traditional customs and values.
IHM: I'd rather play it safe..don't wanna upset anyone here..hehe

ITP: I am perfect!- (Yeah..the very same words, I kid you not!)
IHM: I am! Really! no..?

ITP: The girl should be goodlooking, tall, slim and fair.
IHM: I'm anyway Tom Cruise incarnate..

ITP:Looks aren't important.
IHM: As long as I haven't seen your picture..

(courtsey: guys on matrimonials..thanks fellas :) )


  1. Funnily, whereas some guys might be delusional about what they have to offer in the marriage market, some girls go out of their way to make their profiles bland and boring--'simply and homely' being very commonly used adjectives. I'm guessing if that there is such a large supply of 'simple and homely' there must be a demand too! Though the inverse--of women seeking delusional guys--need not be necessarily true! ;)

  2. looks like you have spent enough time on this search.but you got to see the other side of mirror too.

  3. Oh, you have started a topic where I can go on and on...I have horrid and funny and some pretty pathetic tales to tell. Argh.