Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Me....a generous visionary!!!
:))) whaddya know!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello! :)

So we are back! And how has the new year been treating you? I havent been doing too badly..yeah, I havent exactly been keeping to my resolutions (who does!) but I havent strayed too far either. Now for a few quick updates..
A couple of you are pretty persistent when it comes to my marriage plans..so here it is..nothing happening as of now..and nothing till I feel like it...so dont expect sudden happy news from me just yet :)
I have, though, been getting things together for the portfolio and will start applying soon..a certain someone is worried that I am committing professional harakiri! Please dont be..I am totally focussed on this and nothing else for now.
This and the gym!
I am kinda overwhelmed by the concern I have been getting via this blog. And thanks to all those who called or mailed to check on me. I am doing quite ok..dont worry. Meanwhile, you guys take care of yourselves. Ciao!

P.S: Reiki man, at the rate your love life is going, you are gonna require reiki yourself soon!
Lala, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start empathising with your bride! ;)
OrangeShoe, are you out of your meditation mode yet? Can we have some fun now?