Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally some break from routine..
Some time to do my own thing and finally some time to write a post.
Some afternoon naps, some macher jhol-bhaath, some rains, some solace..
Also, some shopping...:)
A cool white tee with graphics- needed a few of those..the kind you reach for on rushed mornings. With the summer in Bangalore touching new highs, even colour makes you feel hot! A pair of black cropped trousers in soft cotton silk,well fit and simple. And cheap. Plus a strappy number in pink and brown which I cant wait to try out. Very summery and fresh. Watch this space for more!


  1. Well written...but try to write something substantial and worth reading as executed before instead of the cartoon stuff!!

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  3. @AN@RKY Ahead- who told you this blog was about substantial stuff?? :)
    Like the name says, its random..anything I may want to post about. And if someday I feel light hearted and silly, I am going to indulge myself :) Thanks for stopping by though.

  4. fine ,got it now...previous topics were really thought provoking..actually you set up a trend which was enough to draw anybody's attention once you broke it...:)

  5. Hmmm...kool...good 2 see u back on this space