Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Showers

Sometimes I think of inconsequential stuff
Of walks through rain-laced streets
Of shared umbrellas, a plate of puchkas
Afternoon solaces anew.
Sometimes I think of you.

I play a bubble game of 'what-if'
With cloaks on glaring parts
And weave my way to a favourite end
Regret threatens to spill.
Then I let it drift apart.

Life goes on in many measures
And while rainy evenings turn to night,
This game I find hard to outgrow.
Wishing that it was meant to be
To know that it is so.


  1. Wowowow!!

    never knew
    you had it in you...
    floored me
    by your poetry...
    god bless,
    li'l poetess!

  2. Aankhi the heart just collapsed... creating a black hole....awiting the big bang of love..I just wish the same had been written for me.. the greatest from you as yet... 9820434505

  3. Haha, stop being so dramatic P!