Friday, January 9, 2009

All of ten!

Thats how old my resolutions are..and I am still sticking to it :) No mean feat considering I live them for a couple of days usually. Well, I did start a week earlier this time so that I was into the habit by 1st. so that makes 17 days! (yeah..i get bitten by the perfectionist bug at times)
Time for some pats on the back too. 2008 hasnt been a fantastic year but its been good. I have gotten a lil more ambitious , made a little more money, stuck to an excercise regime, had lots of genuinely good times with friends, moved into a new place, read many books on my list, caught up with great movies that I had always wanted to watch..a lot of nice memories, small and big.
I am content. For now. Its a nice change to write a happy post at the end of year :)
So though the hangovers are long cured and the happy flush of the holiday season wanes, though my hair is out of its straightened fix and running wild again, though January promises long work hours and longer schedules... the going is good! On that enthusiastic note, Happy new year!

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  1. Wish you luck .. i am pathetic with resolutions ...hope u doing great ..