Friday, August 8, 2008

Some observations from the week that was..

Some observations from the week that was..
-Maybe there is no nice way to say no. Maybe its simpler to ignore. But how much more cruel..
-The only thing worse than a Monday morning is a Monday morning headache.
-Going on a holiday needs a lot of hard work.
-Its not if you can or cannot. Its if you want to do it or not. The rest are just excuses.
-I talk too much at times..and I tire of myself too.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gains and losses

A swank new place :) Shifting house for the first time since I came to Bangalore. Ofcourse, its rented..cant think of buying a house yet. Ofcourse, its expensive (and I am still counting it as gains!)..and yeah, its swank only in my mind..will be a while before I get some decor in place and the rest of you can appreciate it. Dunno how I am gonna manage shifting in one day..leaving it all to good ol' V and his wonder car. (Times like these make you want to choke your stupid feminist self..ofcourse, we need men! Esp if they are as nice as V. Any gals interested, pls contact me..he isnt gonna be single for long)

Will miss my roomie of 3.5 years though...N with the magically magnified voice and monstrous giggling fits. Didnt realize I needed some noise around..even if its her babbling on the phone or her banging the pots and pans while I try to sleep. Or just us discussing inane topics from Shahid's hot look to Bipasha's haircut. Or the heart-to-heart over lovelives or lack of..:) The morning cuppa..the weekend poker matches...the opinion seeking on wardrobes..the shopping marathons..Oh loss, her husband's gain.

Will miss the house as well..privy as it has been to my musings for a long while now. Funny how time makes you grow fond of anything. This dingy dark place had been looking up under our combined efforts and I had started referring to it as 'home' instead of 'place'...

Ah gain some you lose some..