Thursday, September 1, 2016

Travel Diary

Even in this remote, cul-de-sac location, I can hear the ice-cream truck! There is no escaping their jingle, come summer! We are in this quaint, waterfront house on  the Peconic river in South Hampton. This AirBnb property is very  modest  from  the outside but reveals a gorgeous, sunny layout from within, with a backyard right on the water.

We are just back from a walk through the ubiquitous Main Street. The summer crowds aren't here yet. No surprise. Despite it being almost mid- April, a temperature of 15 C max. with a chilly breeze pervades. Not beach weather. We brought back lunch from 'Citarella - the local gourmet, prepared food store - and ate in the backyard,  under the sun. Random comfort food, the sort that tastes good but doesn't really gel well, cuisine-wise, - Greek salad, cold Asian noodles and cheese stuffed eggplant. Liquor chocolates for dessert; they come all the way from Sweden, courtsey of good friends. M has retired indoors for a nap, I am savoring the sun a bit longer.The water beckons and glistens. A pair of ducks fly over, from the strip island across, with matter-of-fact curiosity. All is quiet except for the sea gulls and the occasional boat out for an afternoon stroll on the water, their friendly owners waving. All is perfect.

(Slightly improved excerpt from my diary, posted after reading Pico Iyer's 'The Art Of Stillness), at the fag end of summer.