Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moral of the story...

I am inherently confrontational and bad-tempered. But this has since been borne upon me and I have spent most of my adult life being diplomatic and, well, adult. I have had cause to practice this even more since I got married. Not with my husband, (sadly for him - he always hears more truth than he wants to, the poor dear) but with the extended family. Skirting topics is the polite (and accepted) way of dealing with issues. Today for a change, I decided to respond to some festering and unfair complaining with some of my own. While my popularity has nose-dived, it has definitely opened some eyes to a contrary point-of-view, something that the self-absorbed don't usually bargain for.

If you have any grievances, air them. Lest people think you have none.