Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Guys....(and gals),
Its been quite a while since we had a chat. I've been here since about two years now..longer on orkut perhaps..and since the last few months, on Facebook as well. I choose to be here coz I like penning down thoughts once a while. Its therapeutic, you know. And I get to keep track of the friends (and blogs) I like. Am not here to add strange people to my friends list and spend my time to fill in their need for a break..
So do read my posts, leave comments by all means..but dont barage my id with your stupid friendship requests. God knows I have more friends than I can manage.. Dont assume that my blog tells you all there is to know about me and come pretending to know how I am feel. And most importantly, understand that a "no" means "no". If I want to get to know you, I'll ask.
So long..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wedding bells!

People are getting married by the dozen. And the tidal wave has finally caught up with two of my closest people.. Re- who till some time back was secure in the feeling that marriage is probably not her cup of tea..Her reservations and list of "must-haves" make mine look like a ripple in the ocean...
And yet here she was, all pink cheeks and happy eyes.. asking me if I could keep a secret..And I knew it almost before anything was said. Miracles never cease.
And then..Reiki man..after much debate and doubt..after much useless emotion(which he probably attributes to bad Karma :))..finally decided to tie the knot. Am glad for him..people rarely get warmer, cuddlier and more lovable than him.
BombayGuy too..hats off to him for going and getting his mate..not waiting around like the rest of us for love to happen :) Thats one happy reason to visit Kol again, come November.
Love is everywhere..and its infectious. :)