Saturday, October 31, 2009


Best meals over the last month...
Luchi, alu dom, chingri malai curry and garam jalebis at the Bengali Association, Navami night. Stands out for the cheerful abandon with which C and me took to the crowded stalls, threw hygiene(!) to the winds :) And also the size of the prawns....Jai Durga! Much regret that we ran out of money (and patience to queue up at the stalls) ..the rasgullas were a miss :(
Final darshan at the Koramangala pandal followed by lunch at The Esplanade. Luchi(again) cholar dal, bhetki fry, mishti doi and a few predictable varieties of prawn and meat. (food quite over-hyped, could have been better) Stands out simply for the company. An awesome drive in cool drizzling weather and a halt for cold coffee on the way back. And lots of goofy humour :)
More Bong food at Oh! Calcutta the following weekend..this one thankfully was all that a Bengali meal should be. Rice with masoor dal, papad and sweet chutney, fried rice, chicken/fish salad, lau chingri and a bowl of nolen goorer payesh(kheer with a special kind of jaggery) I shall not omit to mention the humble sheem chochori, which managed to hold its own against the more popular meat/fish preparations. (I should probably add explanatory notes for the non-bengalis..will definitely post one in the comments)
Random helpings of dahi wada and malpua at home over Diwali, whatever the meal. Stands out for Mamma's magic touch..
Luchi(again!) and korma( made by yours truly) and kheer (canyoubelieveit, me again!) amongst other things for the traditional Diwali dinner..a quiet family time.
A spicy Maharashtrian brinjal preparation with chapati, grated salad, spicy pulav and gulab jamuns for Sunday lunch at home..made memorable by Dev Anand's songs and Papa's reminisces :)
Chanda's farewell dinner...I do not remember what we ate but vodka was on the menu. And a happy time was had by all :)


  1. Is the statement, "Best meals over the last month..." right? or the word Bengali is missing in there? :)

  2. @anon-mostly Bengali but North Indian and Maharashtrian too, see? :)
    @Varun- And 'share' the indulgence as you say :p

  3. Don't you do that to me again,
    you evil pervert dame.
    If i drool all over your page,
    you've only yourself to blame.

  4. Oh no, don't share with Varun the vegetarian, share with me. ;P
    I had patol, bhapa ilish (steamed Hilsha), bhapa chingri (steamed prawns with mustard) during Durga puja,at home.

  5. Wow, what a mouth-watering description! Even for a vegetarian. :)