Friday, April 18, 2008

My Top 5!

Music is a great pick-me-up! Was kept at home all day by an upset tummy
and incessant rains. So spent a few happy hours playing DJ to Mamma and are my favourites..and why..

Tum se hi (Jab we met):
Coz its not the usual insipid song about someone pining away for his "jaan" and coining them "bewafa"! Its not even complaining of "judai"..there is angst here...there is wishful thinking..but also acceptance that maybe some things arent meant to be..and realising
what you take away with you having been in love is probably worth it..
Coz distance is bittersweet....
Ajab si (OSO):
Coz I may be hard at work or stuck and swearing in traffic..but this song comes on and it's as if I walked into cool breeze. Very refreshing.
Whiteflag (Dido):
Great voice. And somebody incurably in love. Reason enough to like a song, right? :)
Like the deserts miss the rain(from Everything but the girl-Todd Terry):Again, great voice. Great tempo..Love the slow pickup.. almost inaudible plucking rising to frenzied strumming..It's a song which is very easy to visualize..that's the appeal I guess. Did I say great voice?
Hello (Lionel Richie):My all-time favourite! No reasons needed to say's superlative. And if you have watched the video, it's something which stays with you a long time.

Alright..all of the above are love songs...What I have to say in my defense is this: It has been raining!! What else could I play? :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Of excesses

A 15 year old girl committed suicide on not being allowed to enter the SSLC exam hall as she forgot to bring her hall ticket.She hailed from a simple family and was the only child of a watchman and his wife, a worker in a garment factory...

How many of you have at one time or another forgoten your hall tickets? I know I have..with unfailing regularity every year. I remember sidling up to the HOD on numerous occasions with a sheepish expression and pleading to be let in..I remember a similar incident during my SSLC too. I had to ring home and ask my dad to rush back with the hall ticket..I was lucky enough to encounter people with average degree of kindness who treated it with as much seriousness as required and let me off after reprimands. Ok, a hall ticket is important..but worth making a child miss her 10th boards?? When other classmates could have vouchsafed for her being who she claimed to be? What twisted, wretched, sickening, sadistic and perverse sense of self importance made the examiners get so strict about enforcing rules is something beyond ordinary comprehension..May they rot in hell