Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Showers

Sometimes I think of inconsequential stuff
Of walks through rain-laced streets
Of shared umbrellas, a plate of puchkas
Afternoon solaces anew.
Sometimes I think of you.

I play a bubble game of 'what-if'
With cloaks on glaring parts
And weave my way to a favourite end
Regret threatens to spill.
Then I let it drift apart.

Life goes on in many measures
And while rainy evenings turn to night,
This game I find hard to outgrow.
Wishing that it was meant to be
To know that it is so.


Cat! Furry, fluffy and white.
Not more than 9" x 4".
Clean and responsible (for its own poop, I mean)
Self reliant (can get its own food if need be!)
Punctual and welcoming (should be back home by the time I am)

Will get
-an absent -minded but nevertheless loving owner
-a willing partner in playing "catch"
-lots of personal space (and someone who understands moodswings)
-a comfy cushion
-a cuddle and hug before bed

PS: Dog lovers, I have nothing against dogs, just that they are more dependent,more giving..more affectionate.They'd get lonely (and I'd get guilty) if I couldn't give them enough time. I probably need something more like me..And there is that small matter of their teeth :D