Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My sentiments exactly!

Over the last few years, my mother has taken to writing more frequently. She always had a knack for prose but she also revealed a keen interest in poetry. In Haiku, in fact. Although I have admired her efforts, I found, like many others, that 'this Haiku thing' eludes me. I was always more appreciative of verse. Until now. I guess I never really understood the beauty of a 'ku'. That there was so much more to it that just 5-7-5. The power of a few words to convey a strong image. I have to say that I am a Haiku convert now.
Here are a few I came across, thanks to Mum.

between sun and shade
a butterfly pauses
like none I've seen -
whoever falls in love
with someone they know?

-Michael McClintock

Dear Malvina
It's been a long time since we It's already autumn here...
lonely evening

-Rafal Zabratynski

crashing waves -
almost believing
it's forever

-Svetlana Marisova

Father's day
his wheel tracks
in the carpet

-Michelle Schaefer

I've this memory -
riding my father's shoulders
into the ocean,
the poetry of things
before I could speak

-Michael McClintock

i fear it's too late
like starlight
i should have set out earlier

-Mark Holloway

I also love these! Way to go Mum!!

Unkempt lawn
rocking chair
match point!
daughter's day

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tales from India

Almost time to head back! I've immensely enjoyed this one month in India, flight and visa troubles notwithstanding. During the last year, I found that I quite liked New York (except that winter anywhere in the US feels depressing to me) I think I'd like living there for an extended time too. But I'm surprised I don't miss it at all once in India. Its almost as if I'd never been there.
At home, every morning begins with my mum's call for 'cha' and Dad's bellows to get me to show up before the tea turns cold. After a short but cozy discussion (mostly a monologue directed at me,unless I am feeling rebellious, about eating better!) we retreat to our separate zones to get ready for the day. I get in a leisurely yoga session before breakfast. Then I check my mail. And put off any study plans I might have had. I am still a day ahead of my NY schedule, you see. I don't feel guilty at all. Having settled that, I have started parking myself in a small terrace off my bedroom with a book to enjoy the sunshine. ('HIDDEN ORDER- How Adaptation builds Complexity' has been gathering dust on my table but I increasingly turn towards 'More folktales from India'. Who can blame me?)Mum joins me now and then and sometimes the neighbour's pup shows up on the adjoining terrace to take his morning quota of sun too. Watching Mum shell peas, we usually talk about this and that. Silly things that can only interest mother and daughter...This is really the best time of the day for me.
There are harrowing times too - the visa angst, the negotiations over flight schedules, the misogynist 'callcenter' guy who refused to cancel my tickets(imagine!) and promptly obliged when my husband asked...but thankfully, the happy memories will stick :)
M made his first visit to my home. Felt good to share that part of my life with him. Took the amused husband on a two-wheeler ride. Tried every kind of street food I had on my list. Fell sick but being sick at home is good fun. Connected with old friends over long phonecalls. Revelled in my 'Indian' wardrobe whenever I got the chance. And happily stayed away from that laptop - truly the epitome of a vacation for me! See you all back in NY soon!