Thursday, August 9, 2007

Potty about Potter :)

Finished HP some days ago..I must say i was a wee bit disappointed..didnt live up to the "grand finale" expectaions...but thats another discussion. There is this feeling of i am about to say goodbye to a buddy..There will be no more browsing through HP fansites, no more trying to second guess Rowling, no more debating about how its gonna end..
I often come across people who seem amazed that any adult could be a Harry lover.
To these Potter critics, I just have one thing to before you decide to run anything down as fantasy and "kid stuff". Agreed, everyone doesnt have the same taste in literature. But a well-written book is a well-written book! Period! And Rowling hasnt merely written a book..she has created a whole new world, complete with explanations and history. The story isnt a fairly tale like many would have us is ultimately about good triumphing over evil but in a very unpatronizing and contemporary way. Rowling refrains from ever getting preachy and i guess that is what makes kids (and adults) take to Potter.
To me, it was more than filling up slow hours. It was something which kept me occupied and sane in my most troubled times..nothing else was this engrossing. Harry Potter has seen me through break-ups and my entire "i am getting nowhere" phase..Harry shall be sorely missed.
Meanwhile, (besides giving the collection a re-read and hoping for sequels) I shall guard it with care and hope to hand it over to my kids some day and watch it make their world magical as it did mine..
Untill then...... nitwit, oddment, blubber, tweak!!! :)))


  1. hmmm...totally get what u mean by losing a friend. gosh has it really been so long since i read my first hp!??

    anyways what prompted me to comment on this post(and not the ones I have been readin since "I am a foodie!") is that before I cud get my hands on HP n da deathly hallows, I stumbled upon an ebook by the same name.....I read and enjoyed it thoroughly only to find later that it was a fan-fiction...However it was one of the mistakes i'll never regret as the ending (as you pointed out) of the fan-fiction was much much much better than the real thing.

    now this is just a suggestion but dont give up on HP so soon....rummage through piles of fanficitons...and who knows, u may stumble upon the one book which will make the effort worthwhile.......besides its always fun to read about speculated alternate endings!!

  2. Just one question..whats the link to the fanfiction you read? I could do with some Potter! Have too much of spare time on my hands..