Friday, August 3, 2007

10 Commandments at Work!

These are tried and tested, people. You woudn't want to find out the long way ;)
Thou shalt
1) Understand and accept that 10 a.m is 10 a.m..but 6 p.m means the clock is running fast..
2) Not reveal that you have nothing to do in the evenings...chances are your boss will find some more work for you, with the air that he is doing you a favour..
For similar reasons, thou shalt not reveal that you are an early morning person either.
3) Recite "peace and forgiveness" to yourself when he tries to lecture you on a mistake you made...only you know that it wasn't you, it was him! You hadn't even touched the drawing!
4) Understand that 'perfection' is a verb when its your work..its an Utopian notion when it's his..
5) NOT dig up a lip-liner from your overfull handbag when asked for a pencil :))
6) State the reason for your ill health...subtle references like stomach cramps are not taken by ignorant males. But once said, it goes a long way ;)
7) Understand that 'we' made the mistakes, but 'I' got the idea...
8) Understand that it is no use reminding your boss about the time you took work home to help him out whilst trying to apply for a leave...Temporary amnesia has nothing to do with age...
9) Remember to turn over the calender on his desk every month on the first..(or wait till he does it to collect your paycheck)
10) Never point out to him that his cabin is all cluttered...or you will find yourself in a different profession before you can say "unfair!"

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