Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What say you?

Ever seen something that makes you cry "Foul!" ? That irritates you and puts you out of good humour? Something that moves you to your core and makes you wish you could do something about it? Makes you reflect on life and its vagaries?...The other day we got into this discussion at our place. Here is a summary..

1) Men letching..eve teasing..
Nothing else makes my blood boil so much. Men with filthy language and a filthier gaze..assured that they have a right in doing what they are doing..that there will be no retaliation..a woman crawling past them, eyes downcast, feeling exposed, ashamed..

2) Lack of civic sense..
Few things are more off-putting than the sight of civilized men and women showing utter disregard for hygiene..and other people's sensibilities. Spitting out of the bus window, mothers encouraging kids to potty at any available nook and cranny..Sure, you are tired..but cant you mange that short stretch and throw the wrapper in the bin next to you? Cant you wait till the next public toilet? Must every blank wall be anointed with your pee?

3) Beggars..the old and helpless elderly..
I pass by an old man sitting at a signal everyday on my way to work. He used to be accompanied by a grey-haired lady, but now he seems to be alone. He is in a tattered lungi and holds out a jaipur foot before him..probably as old as him..with holes stuffed with cloth and peeling paint.
What quirk of fate could have brought him to this state..has he been abandoned by selfish children? Has he been tricked and then lost, far far away from home? Are there people looking for him somewhere who care what happens to him?

4) Beggars..the baby carrying or worse, the God-worshipping, 'pay up or pay for your sins' kind..
This lot affects me in the reverse way..far from pity or sympathy, they stir up anger. You are hale and hearty enough to bear babies, for Pete's sake!! So why cant you get a job, woman? As a labourer or domestic help or even in the municipality..surely anything is better than begging? I shall not shell out money just coz you are dangling a picture of Shani! My relationship with God is my private affair..and I dont see how you come into the picture.

5) Fat, busybody housewives...
who consider themselves judges on morality and respectability. They will cast disapproving stares at your tight jeans but think nothing of parading the streets in their night clothes! Your sleeveless tees cause them to raise eyebrows but low sarees revealing unsightly bulges is perfectly acceptable, i guess!

6) Fat, self-important politicians...
self explanatory!

More later!

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