Wednesday, October 3, 2007

26 and done..

I know its kinda crazy to say this at 26 but I feel it.

Its not just about looking in the mirror and spotting crease lines on your face.
Or the fact that you start paying more attention to ads for "age-defying" cosmetics.
Not even that wherever you go, you invariably seem to be in older category ..surrounded by fresh-faced teeny boppers..

Its about knowing that some things are unattainable now..out of reach..
Everything seemed doable at 20-21. Dreams were ambitions then. Now in some cases, you get the feeling of having missed the bus...that the time to fly has flown..
Its in the understanding that all hurt does not necessarily heal.. are wiser now..but not necessarily happier.


  1. There is plenty to do at 26 when i foresee my 40s..
    Better dont miss your second bus =)

    As Bryan Adams says..

    "I wanna be young
    the rest of my life
    never say no
    try anything twice
    till the angels come
    and ask me to fly
    I'm gonna be 18
    till I die "

  2. Thanks Orangeshoe! And I still want to know the inspiration behind your name..:)

  3. Every now and then, when i am too bogged down with things...........i take time.....and start again...........i choose and trust someone new and unknown, go in a new direction ..........hoping to find smiles again.
    Yes, life is too short and we get only so many chances ........... i try and give it as many chances as it can give me .... but optimist me!

  4. i have been through it and I know what u r saying... i wonder is this something they call quater life crisis... when u realize that u r not very different and u are not going to do somehing great in life... u will be some common person living a normal life...
    don't know why but now i have started finding comfort in that thought... may be i don't want struggle in life.... anyways I was never so ambitious... and there is nothing wrong in that, I believe... :)