Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not the best policy

Diplomacy is not really a good thing. Not all the time. I mean, its good to be diplomatic when you air your political views in public. Or gloat about India winning the World Cup in mixed company ;) But its not very pleasant if you moderate every reply. Its nice to show pleasure, excitement, even reproach once in a while. Specially with family. A hands-off approach will only take you this far in personal ties. I should be open to a parent cautioning me, or a sibling's advice. And if I can't, then I am, in effect, relegating that person to a distant category.
'I am sure you'll make the right choice' or 'its up to you!' is best reserved for acquaintances or random friends. I find it difficult to warm up to such people. I like people who'll be 'thrilled' rather than 'happy' for me. I am not advocating over-the-top emotional display. Just less...stoicism? Its boring...

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