Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My sentiments exactly!

Over the last few years, my mother has taken to writing more frequently. She always had a knack for prose but she also revealed a keen interest in poetry. In Haiku, in fact. Although I have admired her efforts, I found, like many others, that 'this Haiku thing' eludes me. I was always more appreciative of verse. Until now. I guess I never really understood the beauty of a 'ku'. That there was so much more to it that just 5-7-5. The power of a few words to convey a strong image. I have to say that I am a Haiku convert now.
Here are a few I came across, thanks to Mum.

between sun and shade
a butterfly pauses
like none I've seen -
whoever falls in love
with someone they know?

-Michael McClintock

Dear Malvina
It's been a long time since we It's already autumn here...
lonely evening

-Rafal Zabratynski

crashing waves -
almost believing
it's forever

-Svetlana Marisova

Father's day
his wheel tracks
in the carpet

-Michelle Schaefer

I've this memory -
riding my father's shoulders
into the ocean,
the poetry of things
before I could speak

-Michael McClintock

i fear it's too late
like starlight
i should have set out earlier

-Mark Holloway

I also love these! Way to go Mum!!

Unkempt lawn
rocking chair
match point!
daughter's day

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