Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Mexico

A post at last! A little too late and little too less considering that I have had so much to blog about this year. But, by some quirk, I have also had so little time. 2010 breezed past with a part of me constantly feeling guilty about not recording it in any way and the other part too caught up in the moment to care :) Anyhow, here is my usual year-end post.
After the rushed '2 days-2 nights' honeymoon, a proper vacation had always been on the cards. So with the temperatures dropping to new lows and my excitement at the snow fast trickling away, we headed to sunnier pastures. Christmas came and went like any other beautiful, gloriously sunny day in Mexico. There were no fir trees nor gifts, no plum cake nor wine. And definitely no snow. Nothing like I expected a Christmas in the West to be. Heard church bells toll in the distance and occasionally, carol-singing wafted through, but that was it. Most importantly, there was no pressure to make 'grown-up' decisions that I have come to associate with Christmas and the year-end. Making a break with habits/relationships that no longer made me happy...trying to change a course...
This time I took a long walk on the beach instead. Held hands. Complained a little but laughed a lot. Ate stone-fired, oven fresh pizzas with interesting toppings.(I specifically remember eggplants!) Gulped down margaritas. Made plans of no more significance than a day.
It isn't complacency. For making a marriage work is some work too! And professionally, I am starting at the beginning again... 'Miles to go before I sleep'! I think it is mostly graditude, that things turned out the way they did. :)
Cheers to new beginnings!

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