Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We won the Mumbai war??

So claim the television channels...they have been preceeding every news byte about the blasts with "How the war was won" ..
We lost 187 innocent lives...thankfully it wasnt more..but its a lot! War won?
We lost capable young brave soldiers..head of anti-terrorist operations..so much experience and youth......War won?
We still have no clear idea how many terrorists were there..there is news doing the rounds of some having escaped.....War won?
Lets get it right..10 or 17 or 24 terrorists against the Indian might..they couldnt have expected to get out alive..they must have known( atleast their masters must have) that they are on a suicidal mission. But the fact that they made the whole country helpless for 58 hours, the fact that they have managed it again and again..is no war won for India.

We are perfect targets..sitting ducks! I am ashamed at our plight..

We dont know whom to look to for help. The people who could have helped are busy saving their arses. The rest are just creating trouble..and the affected ones like me are either venting their ire on blogs or sending mails about peace and harmony...


  1. Its not about war being won or lost but the measures taken after. A person entering the station with a revolver just 2 days after the misery.. Did we win?

    How many of us carry keys at malls, when the metal detector beeps how many of us are stopped? ... Do we win?

    How many of us cooperate with the security and feel not insulted when asked to present your id before entering office? If you deny can you ask yourself can we win?

    Navy Chief Admiral said the fishing trawler hijacked and used by the terrorists was intercepted by the Coast Guard in Indian territorial waters. But the Coast Guard let the boat go after finding its documents in order. Do we read here a possibility of bribe?
    Can we take an oath not to pay a bribe so that it helps our officers do their job with more stringent measures? If our officers take bribe we have made them greedy of the easy money. We will win if we ensure we don’t give.

    Most of all do we help elect the right person at elections or do we vote? Can we win?

    The change begins with the self, can we change today?

  2. We as Indians need to kick the Govenrment of this day and bring in a strong leader who has the guts to stand up to these terror seeking animals!!!