Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Guys....(and gals),
Its been quite a while since we had a chat. I've been here since about two years now..longer on orkut perhaps..and since the last few months, on Facebook as well. I choose to be here coz I like penning down thoughts once a while. Its therapeutic, you know. And I get to keep track of the friends (and blogs) I like. Am not here to add strange people to my friends list and spend my time to fill in their need for a break..
So do read my posts, leave comments by all means..but dont barage my id with your stupid friendship requests. God knows I have more friends than I can manage.. Dont assume that my blog tells you all there is to know about me and come pretending to know how I am feel. And most importantly, understand that a "no" means "no". If I want to get to know you, I'll ask.
So long..

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