Tuesday, July 1, 2008


From long, lost days
And seemingly endless nights
Hurt, bewildered darkness
And vague glimmering lights.

From dwelling on sms memoirs
To living on orkut ties,
Convincing..constructing my faith
When things seemed otherwise.

Dreaming of your loving ways
Waking up to whimsical lies
Sudden warmth seeping through
Bitter cold cutting like ice.

Now, an end to half-spoken truths
Now, no meanings to construe.
From thoughts of you.


  1. Move on..

    On a different note, I already liked your poetry, sounds even better when it even rhymes.

  2. same here nice poetry :)

    Just that REAL FREEDOM is only when
    the past doesnt inspire u to write even a poetry!....CAz thinking u r free from "something" is still thinking about that "something"

  3. orangeshoe: i have! :)
    anonymous: For me, anything I felt/feel deeply about can inspire me to write..and i dont want to forget the feeling of being in love..guess thats why i remember the hurt in great detail..that it doesnt affect me now is another matter..gud for u though :)

  4. Trapped..
    Still trapped….If Only
    The thoughts then differed
    The differences were seamlessly catered
    The dishing out to each other minutely measured
    The measurements never existed
    The existence never questioned
    The questions never started
    The start...the thoughts should have seen the trap....
    but alas still

  5. Stay footloose
    and fancy-free,
    don't be in a hurry to marry-
    for, you are too precious
    to waste yourself
    on any Tom, Dick and Harry.

    Liars in this world are best deposited in the trash-bin.

    A well-wisher.