Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mamma's girl

I dont think I am being a very good daughter..
I am often impatient and irritable, sometimes rude..I dont talk to my mom as much as I would earlier..I am curt when she brings up certain topics and hang up when I dont feel like talking. There are days when I am very communicative, jabbering away nineteen to dozen, but mostly I reply in monosyllables..
It isnt like I dont value her or need her anymore..I havent gotten to be that self sufficient..
Just that certain things are meant to be dealt with alone. So no matter how much I may want to run to her for some succour and hugs, I cant.
I dont think she reads my blog. This is just in case..


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  2. u seem to be a really nice person...but dont behave that way with ur mom....u will regret it once she's gone....nobody can replace ur mom....

  3. would suggest u 2 go thru a post titled "Sure thing mom" dated Sept 04, 2008 on http://dipzworld.blogspot.com/...though u may nt feel th need for it...though u KNOW whtevr has been said in it...but all the same...the story is same...for all places...and times...:)